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In Laboe, Germany 

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  • Start Page このページです。ブックマークはこのURLにどうぞ。 
  • Teaching 今学期の担当の授業です。自分の履修している授業ページにジャンプしてください(サイドメニューも利用できます)。リモートシステム利用のための準備はこちらにメモ書きしました。
  • Research 私自身の研究活動です。
  • CogLx-Sci Forum 「認知言語科学研究会」の活動のためのページです。
  • Contact コンタクト情報です。

  • Life 日常の雑記など(ときどき猫)。
  • Maniac おそらく度し難く偏狭な趣味の話。もう何も恐くない。
  • Tidbits 新刊紹介や研究を進めるうえでのお役立ち事項。
  • Travel 旅先で撮った写真

This site serves for gathering/disseminating info on cognitive-functional linguistics (see metalink), and also for supporting the courses I teach. Below is a general sitemap.
  • Start Page The page you are browsing now. I suggest you bookmark this URL. 
  • Teaching Courses I teach in this semester. Please jump to the page of the  course you are taking (you can also use the menu on the right side). Some suggested preparations for using a remote system are given on this page.
  • Research My research activities.
  • CogLx-Sci Forum Website for Cognitive Linguistic Science Forum.
  • Contact Contact information.

Besides main pages, blog entries will be uploaded occasionally. Here are the tags.
  • Life Miscellanies from daily life (occasionally featuring my cats).
  • Maniac Incurably opinionated stories of my faves. So-whats galore.
  • Tidbits Book notices and tips for research.
  • Travel Pics taken on trips.
I've also gleaned some of the pieces I wrote on SNSs but are now gone. If you happen to take a look at them and, most luckily, they make you smile, that'll be my great pleasure.